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J Cole


I'm a livin' little good thing

It's like you never lived for me, yeah

Mama said you was a good thing, uh

Good, good, good, yeah


We came a long way, man, we done came a long way

And we sittin' on top of this shit

This shit can go one of two ways

This shit can go up, it can go down

Either way, nigga, I'm prepared

Feel me? Yeah


I be comin' in peace, but fuck me

Best beware of the others

This shit deep, undercovers creep

This Southern heat make unbearable summers

Just last week, seen yo' mama weep

Crying 'cause she don't wan' bury your brother

The blood lеaks while the EMTs

Gotta carry her baby likе surrogate mothers

Woah, thank God we survived around where the terrorists hovered

Though traumatized, wouldn't trade it for nothin'

Through hard times, it was there I discovered

A hustle and makin' the best out the struggle

I kept grindin' 'til this day, up a level

Respect mine, gotta stay out of trouble

'Cause TEC-9s like to air out rebuttals

Cole World, niggas knowin' what it is

Just in case they don't, I show 'em what it is

This summer, I do real numbers

Couldn't dare touch it if they sold a double disc

Block hot, niggas burnin' up the street

Shots poppin' and we heard it up the street

It's a war, niggas runnin' up the score

Jesus said that you should turn the other cheek

Was his niggas gettin' murdered every week?

Dead bodies, smell the odor in the street

My homie' homie got out on parole

He sold more Coca-Cola than the soda industry

Summertime bring the coldest winter breeze

Hella blues like the Rollin' 60s

Christ went to Heaven age thirty-three

And so did Pimp C and so did Nipsey


I told you, I told you

This shit can go up, it can go down, I don't give a fuck

Nigga, I done seen the highest heights

I done seen it twice

And I've seen the lowest of the lows

And still I rose

Now I'm at your neck, nigga, yeah




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