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What That Speed Bout?!

What That Speed Bout?!

Nicki Minaj

[Intro: Nicki Minaj & YoungBoy Never Broke Again]


It's the motherfuckin' queen (30, you a fool for this one)

NBA YoungBoy, let's go (Pull up and we live for it, yeah)

Oh-oh, mmm, rrr (Mike WiLL, Mike WiLL)

[Chorus: YoungBoy Never Broke Again]

Can't do buying all the bottles, that you can't do

'Posed to be shining, but she notice that my chain do

Late night sex, I wanna see what that mouth do

Yeah, bounce that ass, do it how your mama taught you

Real made nigga from the trenches, do no pimpin'

I got seven figures bouncin' in the car, it look like switches, uh

Let's have a drink out, after that, we can leave out

I leave the club, drivin' fast, baby, what that speed 'bout?

[Verse 1: YoungBoy Never Broke Again]

If you keep it real, say your needs, I'll pay the cost

Tеn thousand for her to go shopping, ain't nothin' to worry 'bout

If it's a problem, get it poppin', blow thе curb out

I spend the whole day wit' you, layin' in the loft

Not one, not two

Girl, you, I wanna see you take it off

Yeah, I'm everything you heard 'bout

Tryna see what your world 'bout, word of mouth






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